DC Motor Energy Recovery Solution - BIC-2200 Bidirectional AC/DC Power Supply

Technical Service Center / Brian Lu


The BIC-2200 bidirectional power supply is well known in the battery manufacturing sector to lower battery manufacturing cost and Net-Zero carbon contribution. Thanks to the auto-detect inverting capability, the BIC-2200 can also be used to directly absorb back EMF (Electromotive Force) for DC motor related applications without additional external regeneration clamp device or circuitry.


When a DC voltage is used to power motors, especially servo motors, the motor usually generates back EMF (Electromotive Force) during deceleration. The EMF feeds reversed current back to the DC supply voltage and charges the DC supply output capacitor banks. As a result, the DC supply voltage would trigger the overvoltage protection function after the reversed current fully charged capacitor banks. Figure 1 depicts the DC supply voltage rose during motor deceleration. 

Figure 1: Motor Declaration Raises the DC Supply Voltage

There are various solutions to solve the back EMF including adding flywheel diodes, output capacitors or regenerate clamp devices at the DC supply output to diversify or absorb the feedback energy. However, these solutions add cost and complexity to the overall system design. The bidirectional BIC-2200 power supply can be used to drive the motor directly in AC-to-DC supply mode and absorb the motor's back EMF by the auto-detect DC-to-AC inverting mode without triggering the overvoltage protection. Figure 2 shows the stable BIC-2200's output voltage when the motor decelerated because the BIC-2200 inverting mode absorbed the back EMF energy. In conclusion, the bidirectional power supply BIC-2200 provides an all-in-one solution that simplifies the motor drive system design as well as cost reduction.


Figure 2: BIC-2200 Stable Output Voltage During Motor Deceleration

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