Founded in 1982, MEAN WELL is one of the world's few manufacturers dedicated to standard power supply products. It is ranked the 5th in global power supply (DC output) makers according to a report by Micro Technology released in March, 2019.  99% of MEAN WELL sales are of standard power supply products sold under the MEAN WELL brand name, while the other four companies' products are ODM/OEM.
Thanks to robust partnerships with 200 plus authorized distributors around the world, MEAN WELL has been growing and getting stronger for three decades. With 2,800 employees located at its global headquarters in New Taipei Industrial Park, Taiwan, branches and sales offices at Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou in China, California USA, and Netherlands in the EU, three advanced production bases in New Taipei City (Taiwan), Huadu District in Guangzhou, and Suzhou City in China, MEAN WELL had a combined revenue of USD 1,007 million in 2018.

Introduction to Configurable Power Solutions

Entry to Mid-range Solutions, 400-1200W

In this segment, an entry-level solution UMP series with 400W rated power is introduced to the product portfolio. It can be configured to a power supply with a maximum 4 output channels by plugging in NID non-isolated DC-DC module cards. UMP-400 & NID module cards can be sold separately as standard products.

In mid-range solutions, we gladly present cutting-edge NMP Series, with 650W (NMP650) and 1.2kW (NMP1K2) two front-end cases that can be configured to a power system with maximum 4 or 6 output channels. By using simply 4 power modules (NMS-240 series), 3-55Vdc output is covered. Total of 6 SKUs of the entire series allow customers the merit of easy inventory management.

High-end, System Solution, 3.2kW and beyond

Integration on High-power, and power management functions is the market trend to the high-end power supply. By integrating 3.2kW fully digitalized rack-mount power supply DRP-3200 and charger DBR-3200 series power modules with power shelf DHP-1UT-A, a power system featuring high efficiency, high reliability and active current sharing parallel function is made. Then, add in RKP-CMU1 with complete communication, monitoring and control functions to the power systems that are in parallel connection and assembled in the standard 19" instrument cabinet, we effectively create complete and competitive system power solutions for various applications that the high-end markets are in need of.

Configurable power solutions can be applied to application scenarios such as electronic product burn-in systems, UV curing equipment, and laser diode equipment, horticulture lighting, building exterior lighting, electric vehicle charging, information communication equipment, medical treatment and medical aesthetic equipment, covering industrial, lighting, charging and information communication technologies, medical and healthcare segments. All series of standard products are available in stock, customers do not have to pay for products development costs (NRE) and Tooling fees which enables the benefits of product competitiveness to our customers.


Award for Configurable Power Supply

2018 Taiwan Excellence Award -
NMP-1K2 series 
2019 Taiwan Excellence Award -
DBR-3200 series